July Doctors’ Schedule

Dr. Tom Newth is Back and has Started Seeing Patients.

Our priority is to transition all Family Practice patients that have been seeing Dr Cook over to Dr Newth’s care over the next few months.

Once Dr. Newth has settled himself and his family back into Nelson, we will be better able to determine how many more new patients we have capacity for.

It is always a priority at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic to assure that patients have timely access to care and in order to do this, we will need to assure that we do not accept more new patients than we have capacity for. Also, with all of our doctors taking time off during the summer months, there will be limited time to meet and take on new patients.


  • We will be Open on July 1 Stat Holiday from 11 to 5.
  • We will be closed on Sunday, June 30
  • We will have some limited shift coverage through the first 2 weeks of July
  • Remember to come in early and book your same day appointments!!!

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