What’s New?

We are Currently Offering ONLY “Phone Ahead” Appointments for ALL PATIENTS!

This means NO WALK INS, but if you previously only came as a Walk In Patient, you can now Phone to Book your Appointment ahead of time. We are doing this to protect our Patients, Doctors and Staff!

At this time, please DO NOT expect an Appointment without Phoning us first at 250-352-4666, or emailing us at klmc@nelsonwalkin.comOur Doors are NOT OPEN, but the Clinic IS, by Appointment ONLY.

We will do our very best to book you an appointment on the same day whenever possible, either as a phone consultation with one of our doctors, or if absolutely necessary, as an in-office visit. We are here for you!

At anytime, during our regular hours of operation, you can book a phone appointment with one of our doctors for a consultation/assessment of your symptoms or medical condition.

Phone into our regular phone line – 250-352-4666. Speak with one of our Medical Office Assistants and inform them that you would like to book a PHONE Appointment. PHONE Appointments are covered by BC’s Medical Services Plan, but you do need a valid Personal Healthcare Number, so please have this ready when you call. If you do not have BC Medical Coverage (i.e. you are from out of province or out of country), there is a fee of $75 for your phone appointment with the doctor. This can be paid by Credit Card over the phone, so please have this ready as well.