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The Latest Updates as we move into 2019?

                           We Have Great News!

                                           pastedGraphic.png    Remember this guy?

Dr. Tom Newth is back from the UK and rejoins our Team Practice permanently June 20.

Most patients that joined our Team Practice through physicians who have left or retired, have continued as patients with us. We would not have had the capacity to provide ongoing care to most of you without Dr. Cook joining our team in Sept 2018. At this time, Dr. Cook plans to be with us until mid Sept 2019, and will continue to see all patients, as well as transition patients to Dr. Newth over the next few months, until he leaves.

With Dr. Newth’s permanent return to our Team Practice, we hope that our patients who currently see Dr. Cook regularly will be confident that their continuity of care will continue here at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic.

Just a few reminders, that as a Patient of our Team Practice:

  •   you will have effective and efficient access to a primary health care team member when you need it.
  •   we will always do our best to accommodate our patients with appointments in a timely manner, based on provider coverage.
  • you have options to get the care you need when you need it, as a walk-in patient, or by booking a same day appointment in person, or with an appointment  booked by phone.
  •   if the main provider you see takes time off or leaves permanently, our Team will continue to provide you with continuity of care. You will not need to seek out another provider, unless you choose to do so.

We are always recruiting, and hope to have 2 to 3 additional providers join us in 2019, in addition to Dr. Newth.

We want you to know our team works very hard to see every person that walks through our doors everyday, whether you are a Drop-in Patient, a Visitor to the area, newly relocated, or unable to get into see your own GP, or when you really don’t need to go to the ER.

We believe in Timely and Effective Medical Services for All. 

At Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic, we strive to be open 7 Days per Week, and on most Stat Holidays.

This does, however require consistent and reliable providers, often difficult to recruit and retain.This is why we are asking for each and everyone who believes that Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic is a vital part of the the Primary Care Network in the Kootenay Boundary Region to get involved.

We are Asking You to Please Spread the Word!

We have a fantastic but small team, but desperately need more providers! We have patients coming to us for ongoing medical care, who need more, and specialized providers! We have a highly efficient Electronic Medical Records System and super efficient support staff, but we all need more support in the form of more providers!

Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic is a small and locally owned business with limited resources, so we are relying on Word of Mouth to help us recruit.

So, Spread the Word that Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic is building their team NOW!

We are searching for Medical Professionals who might be interested in  joining our team in one of the best places to

Work, Live and Play in the World!