The Doctors at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic

  • • Dr. Tom Newth: 3 to 4 shifts per week – Full Time

• Dr Rob Cook: 4 to 5 Shifts per week – Full Time

• Dr Margot Link: 3 Shifts per week – fluctuating

• Dr. Mike Magier: 3 to 4 Shifts per week – fluctuating

Important to Remember: If you have a Family Doctor or Provider outside of our clinic, you will be seen as a Walk In patient, and you will be booked in for a 10 minute appointment. Continuity of your healthcare should always be provided by your Family Doctor or Provider, and not as a Walk In patient at our clinic.

  • SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS: We book same day appointments at 10 minutes per appointment. If you choose to see a specific doctor, remember that the wait could be longer AND you may require an additional Longer Appointment booked on a different day.
  • LONGER APPOINTMENTS: Ask our staff when YOUR doctor is taking scheduled appointments. Longer appointments do need to be scheduled in advance by our staff.