Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic & Family Practice

We ARE still OPEN, although our front door is currently locked.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are No Longer Booking Appointments via Email!

We offer “Phone Ahead” Appointments for ALL PATIENTS!

This means if you previously presented as a Walk-In Patient, please Phone to Book your Appointment.

Please DO NOT expect an Appointment without phoning us first at 250-352-4666.

Our switchboard is busy, so please leave a message on our Voice Mail and we will return your call. 

We are doing this to keep everyone safe – our Patients, Doctors and Staff!

Please be respectful of this!

Our Kind, Caring and Efficient Team is Here for All Patients – Family Practice and Walk-ins.

If you PLAN to COME INTO OUR CLINIC, when your arrive,


Our current team includes Dr. Tom Newth, Dr. Margot Link and Dr. Dave Little plus Shana, Nicole and Hayley

We will do our very best to book you an appointment on the same day whenever possible, either as a phone consultation with one of our doctors, or if absolutely necessary, as an in-clinic visit. We are here for you! At anytime, during our regular hours of operation, you can book a phone appointment with one of our doctors for a consultation/assessment of your symptoms or medical condition. Phone into our regular phone line – 250-352-4666 to speak with one of our Medical Office Assistants and inform them that you would like to book a PHONE Appointment. PHONE Appointments are covered by BC’s Medical Services Plan, but you do need a valid Personal Healthcare Number, so please have this ready when you call. If you do not have Provincial Medical Coverage (i.e. you are from Quebec or out of country), there is a fee for your phone appointment with the doctor. This can be paid by Credit Card over the phone, so please have this ready as well.

Our doctors provide primary care, including everything from medical examinations (pap smears, full physicals, drivers, etc.) to minor surgical procedures (including suturing, and “lump” removal). The clinic offers a very convenient indoor mall location with free, unlimited parking, wheel chair access and two pharmacies.

For Our Current Hours of Operations and Clinic News & Updates, go to our Schedule

• Most visits are covered by your Provincial Healthcare Card.

• The clinic is open to all patients, local or otherwise.

• Patients attached to our Family Practice are able to phone in to book appointments. NOTE: A No Show Fee will be charged for missed appointments without 24 hrs notice.

• For Same Day Booked Appointments, we ask that if you are unable to make that appointment, you call to remove yourself from the schedule so we can book other patients in. Repeatedly missed Same Day Appointments, without notice, will also be subject to a No Show Fee.

• We are situated right next to Walmart, in the Chahko-Mika Mall, by the lakefront, in Nelson, and just a 5 minute walk from the Prestige Lakeside Resort.

What services are covered? Coverage is as per any Doctor’s office in B.C. i.e. Medical Services Plan applies to all covered services. Please make sure to bring your care card, otherwise a credit card or cash hold-over will need to be taken.

How long will I have to wait? It is always faster if you do not request a specific physician. Please feel free to inquire at the desk for approximate wait times or check Medimap.

What should I do if my case seems too serious for your clinic? In an emergency case, please proceed to the Kootenay Lake Hospital Emergency Department. Please consider calling first if you are uncertain as to whether a given emergency or suturing job can be dealt with in our clinic. We have had patients remove themselves from the wait at Emergency at the hospital, only to find we could not deal with the complexity of the case at our clinic. Obvious fractured bones are best dealt with directly at the hospital, as well as more serious burns and chest pains.

I am from the U.S. – can I get prescription refills? Yes, if you need prescription refills there is an office visit fee of $150 CAD, and the doctor will see you and assess the recommended prescription from your Family Doctor.