Open Every Day!

Just a Reminder – We are Open Every Day of the Week, including Saturday, Sunday and Stat Holidays,

with good doctor coverage and minimal wait times.

Check in Early to get your same day appointment.


We Are Open on Thanksgiving Day!

We Will Be Open

on the Thanksgiving Stat Holiday

Monday, October 9

from 11 to 5!

October Doctors’ Schedule

Fall is Here!

 and We are Open Again 7 Days a Week Again!

…including the Thanksgiving Stat on Monday, Oct 9th from 11 to 5

More shift coverage means less wait times. but always good to check in early to get your Same Day Appointment.


September Schedule

Good Coverage in September!

Thanks to our intense recruitment efforts we have managed to secure better shift coverage for September. Dr. Mike Magier will join us as a long term locum to assist while we wait for Dr. Fontaine to return from her medical leave. We have also secured some additional locum coverage, while we continue to recruit two more full time doctors.

Once again, we asked that you, our patients spread the word that WE ARE RECRUITING MORE DOCTORS!

Just a reminder that Dr. Barbour has retired and closed her family practice at our clinic, as of Aug 4, 2017.

We will continued with Sunday and Stat Holiday Closures at this time.

August at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic


Dr. Barbour’s last day of work in her medical practice, here at our clinic, will be this Friday, Aug. 4!

We had announced earlier that Dr. Barbour would retire at the end of September, but due to medical reasons, she has had to move this date forward. Dr. Barbour was a very important part of our team, and it is with heavy hearts that we say good bye. We wish her good health and happiness in her retirement.

There are no locum doctors available to help us cover our August Schedule. Dr. Fontaine is off for several more months on medical leave. We are very focused on our ongoing recruitment efforts, but once again encourage you, our patients to spread the word. In the meantime, we will continue to be CLOSED ON SUNDAYS & STAT HOLIDAYS all of August.

A reminder that only Family Practice Patients of KLMC can pre-book appointments. All other patients are seen on a walk-in or same day appointment basis.

We do not pre-book appointments on Saturday.

Please keep in mind that our team is working very hard for all of our patients. We will do our best to transition Dr. Barbour’s patients at this time. Please help us to do this by keeping your visit brief and too the point. If you have your own family doctor outside of our clinic, please do try to see them or their locum first. Our resources are maxed out right now with orphan patients, visitors, minor emergencies and our own Family Practice patients.

Please complete your part of any forms prior to coming to the appointment, so you are ready when the doctors is ready to see you. If you know you need to provide a specimen (urine sample) please do so before seeing the doctor.

Get the word out to “the powers that be” that they need to work harder and more effectively towards a better solution to the shortage of doctors – maybe more Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health support in the Primary Care Home.

If you have friends or family who are health care providers, let them know of the opportunity that exists at KLMC. We are currently hiring 3 full time doctors (who are paid by your healthcare insurance) and would like to be able to hire 1 full time Nurse Practitioner (who currently are unable to provide services in our clinic that would be paid by your BC healthcare insurance – MSP).

Click on calendar for larger view.


July at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic

 Happy Canada Day!

We will be Closed Saturday, July 1 and Sunday, July 2.

Back to Normal Hours Monday, July 3 – 8:30-6

With the recent departure of Dr. Triffitt, and Dr. Fontaine’s unplanned medical leave, we regrettably have a very unpredictable July schedule. We will now close at 5 on Thursdays and Fridays, and will be open on Saturdays from 9:30 to 2:30.

We always recommend that you try to book in with your family doctor for non-emergency visits. We will do our very best to accommodate all drop ins, but preference will be given to our family practice patients and those who do not have their own family doctors.

We would also encourage dialogue with our provincial policy makers around the need for the introduction of other allied healthcare professionals (Nurse Practitioners) into Primary Care. The shortage of available GPs in Family Practice Medicine continues to be an ongoing issue for us all.

As of June 28, this is the coverage we have for July. Click on Calendar for larger view.

June 5 Schedule UPDATE!

Due to a family medical emergency, Dr Fontaine will be off the schedule until further notice. We do have some locum coverage, but with Dr Triffitt gone as of June 16, our schedule will be in flux.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. As of today, here is our updated June Schedule.

June at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic

It is with sad hearts that we say good-bye to Dr Dave Triffitt and his family this month, as they get ready to head back to the UK.

All of Dr Triffitt’s patients, if they choose, can continue to be seen at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic, by either Dr Tom Newth or Dr Isabelle-Anne Fontaine. Both of these doctors are currently accepting new patients into their Family Practices at our clinic. Dr Triffitt’s patients are welcome to phone or walk in, to schedule an Intro Meeting with either doctor throughout the month of June.

7 Days per Week – Your Primary Healthcare Home!

We want to Share Our Great News –

Dr. Isabelle-Anne Fontaine and Dr. Tom Newth are now Accepting New Patients

at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic. 

You can find out more by going to the Family Practice tab on this website!

…and have a LOOK at our fantastic “full-coverage” May Schedule!

3 doctors on almost every weekday in May,

open every Saturday and Sunday

and the Victoria Day Stat.

We are proud to be able to provide a 7 Day a Week Primary Healthcare Home for the Nelson and Area Community!

April and May at Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic

Our Apologies…

…for the late posting of our April Schedule. We have new doctors coming onboard and with many ongoing changes to the schedule leading up to the Easter Weekend, it was a challenge to firm up our shift coverage.

Here it is! Just Click on the Calendar for a larger image and you will see we have great coverage now through into May.