Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic

Owners Peggy Aitken (Clinic Manager) and Paul Lamoureux (Physician Recruitment) both have a strong passion for the community and the people who live here. Since taking over the ownership in April of 2012, they have been focused on recruiting physicians to meet the ever-increasing number of patients who use the clinic. The Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic functions as a Family Practice that sees patients 7 days a week without appointments. A very convenient indoor mall location offers free unlimited parking, wheel chair access and two pharmacies.  Regular clinic physicians include Dr. Margot Link, Dr. Elizabeth Barbour and Dr. Ilona Grymonpre.

Monday to Friday:  9:00 am until 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:30 am until 5:00 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am until 3:00 pm

Stat Holidays (with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day): 11:00 until 5:00 p.m.

• Most Visits are covered by your Care Card

• The clinic is open to all patients, local or otherwise

• We are situated right next to Walmart, in the Chahko-Mika Mall, by the lakefront, in Nelson

KLMC is a consumer-oriented clinic and the website is for your benefit. We are always looking for feedback to make this site as useful and convenient for our patients as possible. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail the webmaster. Do check the links page.

We are able to see patients the same as any Family Doctors in the area, however we currently do not have doctors on staff who do obstetrics. We arrange any needed hospital admissions and perform tests typical of any medical practice. Currently, we do arrange for other doctors or specialists to look after patients when they have been admitted to hospital.

What is Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic? Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic provides medical service 7 days a week for all local area residents and for tourists. Our priority is to retain the Walk-in aspect at all times, due to it’s popular reception and the fact that KLMC is the only Walk-in Clinic open 7 days with extended hours in the West Kootenays. Our doctors provide primary care including everything from medical examinations (pap smears, full physicals, drivers etc.) to minor surgical procedures (including suturing, and “lump” removal). Coverage is as per any Doctor’s office in B.C. i.e. Medical Services Plan applies to all covered services. Medical Advice cannot be offered directly over the internet. Please make sure to bring your care card, otherwise a visa or cash hold-over has to be taken.

How long will I have to wait? It is always faster if you do not request a specific physician. All cases at the clinic are seen on first-come first-served basis but we request some flexibility with relative emergencies like suturing, or children in distress. We thank you for your patience in such cases. Please feel free to inquire at the desk for approximate wait times, or leave your cell phone number with the receptionist, who will be more than happy to call you closer to when the doctor is able to see you.

What should I do if my case seems too serious for your clinic? In an emergency case or if unable to contact a clinic doctor, please proceed to the Kootenay Lake Hospital Emergency Department. Please consider calling first if you are uncertain as to whether a given emergency or suturing job can be dealt with in our clinic. We have had patients remove themselves from the wait at Emergency at the hospital, only to find we could not deal with the complexity of the case at our clinic. Obvious fractured bones are best dealt with directly at the hospital, as well as more serious burns and chest pains.

Who are the doctors working at the clinic? Click DOCTORS to see the list.

Will the clinic have a closed sign before posted closing time sometimes? Yes, in order that doctors and staff can get home at a reasonable hour near closing time, we sometimes change the sign over but continue to see the backlog of waiting patients. This does mean that it is not a good idea to show up five minutes before official closing time and expect to be seen.

I am from the US can I get prescription refills? Yes, if you need prescription refills there is an office visit fee of $100 Canadian and the doctor will see you and assess the recommended prescription from your Family Doctor.